Every little bit helps…

Food for Love’s success is directly related to our volunteers.

What it means to be a volunteer for Food for Love

Our volunteers have a real commitment to those in Wānaka who are having a difficult time and can just benefit from a warm meal delivered to their door with a lot of love.

Each week, we receive nominations from the community recommending people who could use a warm meal delivered to their home. These nominations come from individuals and some organisations and no nominee is ever turned down.  This is where our volunteers step in and provide support in many different ways.

Home cooks 

Our home cooks are matched up with one individual or family that needs support. The volunteer selects the day that is most convenient for them and will be provided information regarding the number of people they will cook for. Most of our home cooks deliver their meal to the family they are supporting.

Bulk Cooks 

Some of our volunteers meet weekly to cook for a group of our elderly nominees. These cooks plan the menu, source the ingredients, and cook together on a Thursday. These meals are then delivered to the elderly nominees for weekend meals.


A core of our volunteers provide delivery of meals to our nominees.


You can provide financial and in kind donations to help support our nominees.

How else can you help?

There are many other ways you can help us if you are unable to cook.

We have various committees which take care of the back end operations of which without it we would not be able to do what we do and support our wonderful cooks.

We are always looking for people who are interested in:


While we are fortunate to receive many generous donations of all kinds or services and expenses, fundraising is a big part of helping with the day to day operational costs for FFL. Funding will always only cover a percentage of a cost and never all costs. Our ability to fundraise is also how we show we have the ability to generate money for projects to our major funders.

Storage and Stocktaking

Thanks to donations from our sponsors, we have storage facilities holding canned goods, goods for baking, and freezers with donated meat. Some of our volunteers are responsible for making certain the goods are organised and utilised